2016 ARCHIVE: Before We Get Started, Thank You.

Tickets & Lineup

We’ve been working with some really talented people through the process of building and promoting this festival. People who can tell a story using their art, words, and passion from various perspectives. We just wanted to collect it all in one place and say – Thanks for giving us a chance.

We can’t wait for Friday night, when we can celebrate DC’s music scene with everyone and freak out for the bands coming from out of town.


DCist Huge thanks Ethan McLeod and the bands for taking the time with us.

Bandwidth Thanks Keith Mathias, is this conversation being recorded?

CityPaper (2x) Thanks Ron Knox, we’ve got to meet face to face this year. No more of this ships passing in the night stuff. And Matt Cohen for putting us in print this morning!

Dominion Collective Thanks Joe Fitzpatrick, good luck with the move to Richmond!

Frederick Playlist Thanks Colin McGuire, you’ve got a solid scene up there.

Dissonance / Radio CPR Thanks Danger Mike, who is the whammiest radio host we know.

Castathetic Thanks Keaton Beaus, you can crash our podcast any time.


PunkNews – Thanks Ricky Lineberger

Dying Scene – Thanks Johnny X

New Noise Magazine – Thanks Shrum

For The Love of Punk – Thanks Kendra

Scene Point Blank – Thanks Loren


Two Proof Films – Thanks Mike Watkins for capturing the energy of the weekend.

Dave Manganaro – The poster is just the best.

Our Sponsors – Thanks for believing it what we’re doing and supporting the local music scene.

Lets rage.



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