SEPTEMBER 20, 2022
What a year for Breakin’ Even Fest!

This weekend at Breakin’ Even Fest was incredible. The comedians helped set the tone for the night by creating a little give and take from the crowd as the bands prepared for their raucous performances through Friday and Saturday night.

Photos by James Walker

We owe a huge amount of gratitude to the venue staff running sound, the door, bar, and security. One of the reasons why we love working with Pie Shop is because it gives us the freedom to run the event and actually enjoy it simultaneously. We seem to always be working in concert. Pun intended.

The audience was full of smiles, positivity, and energy which really powered us through the weekend. That give and take I mentioned earlier – it was present in every moment whether on the patio, near the merch tables, or when folks were singing along. It was seen and felt by the artists and ourselves.

Photos by Sean Reilly

We could not have brought in bands from Milwaukee, Philly, Asbury Park, and Richmond without the help of our sponsors DC Brau, Feed The Scene, Mobius Records, IVAKOTA Recording, Tattoo Paradise, and Ska Box & Punk Box. Their support helps us afford to cram such an incredible lineup into a 100 capacity room and leaves money for every performer on the bill.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This is our favorite event of the year. We’ll see you at the next Breakin’ Even Presents event!

SEPTEMBER 14, 2022
Breakin’ Even Fest 2022 is Sold Out! + Comedy Lineup Changes

We can’t thank you enough for the support of Breakin’ Even Fest over the years. This year looks like it’ll be another epic weekend at the Pie Shop – all the bands, comics, and people behind the scenes are ready to bring it!

We’ve had two changes to the comedy lineup, but fear not we’ve got some awesome new additions! Tyler Simpson (Friday 7:30) and Kelley Kim (Saturday 7:30) will be kicking off each night.

Doors are at 7:00PM. See you on Friday!

SEPTEMBER 12, 2022
Direct Hit is hyped for this Friday – Night 1 of Breakin’ Even Fest

Nick and the rest of the band popped in from the road to let us know they’re on their way!

SEPTEMBER 09, 2022
5 questions with the BEF photo team!

Catbite @ Black Cat; photo by James Walker

We’re excited to announce we have an official Breakin’ Even Fest Photography Team this year. Please help us give a warm welcome to Sean Reilly and James Walker. Can two people make a team? Sure. Beach volleyball is an Olympic sport after all. 

We asked them a few questions to introduce themselves and we also wanted to share some of their work. Let’s meet the team!

How did you first get into photography?

James: I took my first photo class when I was 15, purely by chance. I was starting a new school and was late registering for classes, photography was the only elective left. I fell in love with it immediately, 29 years later it is still one of my favorite art forms.

Sean: I started out with disposable cameras and early wave digital point and shoot cameras in the early 00’s, taking photos of the outdoors and friends/family. 

What was the first show you shot?

Sean: One of the earliest shows I can remember taking photos at was actually Hellfest 2002 in Syracuse,NY with a few disposable cameras. 

I also lived in Phoenix for the better part of my late teens and adult life. I shot bands in the mid 00’s such as; Beloved, A Static Lullaby, The Jonbenet,  Since By Man, The Chariot, the Bled, Fear Before The March Of Flames. 

James: One of the first shows I remember photographing was The Pietasters, I think it was in 1996. The venue didn’t allow cameras but I snuck mine in and got a few shots before I got thrown out.

Do you do any photography outside of bands/shows?

Sean: I still keep up with my outdoors and travel photography somewhat regularly. Hopping on my motorcycle and going on a hike with my camera is usually my go to whenever I can. 

James: I do all kinds of photography, I just love making pictures, I take my camera everywhere. 

Who plays your dream gig that you get to shoot? 

James: My dream gig would be The Clash opening for Bowie. As far as living musicians, Fugazi.

Sean: Hopesfall, Beloved, Poison The Well, Gatsbys American Dream, The Hope Conspiracy. 

What’s your go-to camera setup for live performance photography?

Sean: For mostly all shows I use my Nikon D500 body and Nikon 16-80 lens. Depending on the size of the venue I’ll use my Nikon 18-300 Lens which is rare. Shooting with a 50mm is also fun to get portrait/noir style shots if the space permits. 

James: My current favorite set up is a Canon EOS R with 15mm 2.8 and 35mm 1.4 lenses, and a remote flash when possible.

Please follow James and Sean on Instagram @jameswalkerstudios and @seanreilly.photos to support these great photographers. 

And we still encourage everyone to take and share pics and videos during Breakin’ Even Fest. Please be sure to tag us @breakinevenpresents or use #breakinevenfest. See you next weekend!

AUGUST 29, 2022
Ann Beretta returns to DC for the first time in nearly 20 years

Rob Huddleston from Ann Beretta lets you know the deal.

AUGUST 26, 2022
Stand-up Comedy to Kick Off Breakin’ Even Fest for the First Time!

Bryan and I have long had the desire to incorporate stand-up comedy into Breakin’ Even Fest. We’re both big fans of the craft and we feel it has so many parallels to punk rock itself.

Just like music, comedy can open your eyes to seeing the world through a different lens. Comedy also attracts unique people who are looking for their tribe, and the experience of traveling all over the country to tell jokes, connect with other people, and make a few bucks to cover the journey is shared with many of the bands on Breakin’ Even Fest.

Two local comics will open each night of the festival.

September 16th will kick off with the comedy of Jenny Questell and Caitlin McDevitt who co-produce The Living Room Show, one of the city’s hottest comedy showcases.

September 17th the night begins with Sandi Benton and Kevin Seefried. Sandi was extremely helpful in pointing us toward several of the comics on the event; Thank you! Thank you! Kevin is NOT a domestic terrorist, as he clarified in The Washington Post.

Check out their clips below:


MAY 26, 2022
Breakin’ Even Fest: September 16-17

We’re so excited to bring Breakin’ Even Fest back to Pie Shop, Sept 16-17, 2022. For the first time, we’ve added some local stand-up comics to kick off each night.

Friday, Sept 16: Direct Hit, Ann Beretta, American Television, Magazine Beach, BraceFace + Stand-Up Comedy from Jenny Questell & Caitlin McDevitt

Saturday, Sept 17: Dark Thoughts, Bacchae, Teenage Halloween, Boardroom Heroes, Celebration Summer + Stand-Up Comedy from Sandi Benton & Kevin Seefried

Locally sponsored by: DC Brau, Feed The Scene, Mobius Records, IVAKOTA Recording Studio, Tattoo Paradise, & SkaBox/PunkBox