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!MAIN Furnace Logo 2014
Furnace Mfg., Fairfax VA
Furnace Record Pressing makes Vinyl Records, CDs, and DVDs for labels, musicians, businesses, non-profits, associations and anyone else looking to spread the good message to the world.
They had this crazy idea of expanding their existing European pressing capacity by starting a new vinyl record pressing plant in the USA. They’re getting closer to opening the doors to the new facility, here’s a Sneak Peek.  Follow them on Facebook for more updates and get in touch with one of their sales professionals to start your project off right!
PBR … Mmmmm

If you’re 21+ Drink it up.
If not, you’ve got to wait.

LeHigh Valley Apparel Creations, Bethlehem PA

Locally sourced screen printing. LVAC is one of the first printshops in Bethlehem, PA area to also offer more environmentally friendly phthalate-free plastisol inks.

Nearly all supplies are produced and distributed by companies within just a few hours.

Get In Touch!
xlvacx at gmail dot com
(484) 634-6753

Live From The Rock Room, Chicago IL

A place to showcase musicians inspired by the punk DIY spirit.  Bands come in, we record them rockin’, and share it with you by releasing weekly videos and a monthly audio podcast.

Bands performing sound exactly as they do in the room.  There are NO overdubs or samples, NO pitch correction, and NO re-amping guitars.  Everything is 100% real.

The Rock Room is Mike Felumlee’s tiny home studio in Westmont, IL. It’s small, slightly claustrophobic, but there’s just enough room to rock and that’s all you need!

Noisekick FX, Baltimore MD

Unique effects pedal for guitar or bass. Handmade in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

NoiseKICK FX is an effects pedal startup. They love to create hand-made, hand-painted, reasonably priced, interesting, useful, and sometimes purposely junked-up pedals.

CD Cellar, Falls Church, VA

CD Cellar has been in business since 1992. With a great selection, knowledgeable staff and strict quality control, CD Cellar has been a favorite of music fans buying and selling CDs, LPs and DVDs for 20 years! We have literally tens of thousands of titles to choose from—and best of all, you can ask to hear almost everything in the shop at the listening stations.

Check out their new location:
105 Park Avenue
Falls Church, VA 22046