2017 ARCHIVE: Breakin’ Even Fest 2: Music Video Playlist

You know the headliners – we already covered them in Breakin’ Even Fest 2: Who’s Headlining? Now it’s time to get to know some of the other acts in no particular order.

Honah Lee (NJ)

Honah Lee’s brand of catchy, melodic rock and roll is a celebration of music and mayhem. Leading up the early 2015 release of 33 on 45, Honah Lee released a music video every month in 2014. These music videos are collected on the DVD Music To Look At.

American Television (DC)

American Television is a melodic punk rock band from the DC area. Their EP, Reaction, has drawn comparisons to Against Me!, The Offspring, and Smoke or Fire. They’ve covered ground from NY to NC playing songs about growing up but not growing old.

Teen Death (RVA)

Richmond based grunge trio, Teen Death has been quiet for a minute but we’ve woken them from their slumber. They have somehow channeled Kurt Cobain through a dusty OUIJA board in their basement and have him writing their chord progressions from beyond the grave and it’s fucking sick.

Aspiga (NJ)

Indie-Punk 3 piece from NJ with releases on Asian Man Records and Paper & Plastick. Started as 4-track acoustic recordings, the band has gone on to become a tight 3 piece that play up and down the east cost. Playing heartfelt songs about loss, family, and self-enquiry.

Dead End Lane (Baltimore)

Dead End Lane is fronted by Erin Slcst. They are a Baltimore based horror punk band who have not only shared the stage with The Misfits, but recorded backups with them for their 2013 cover of Science Fiction Double.

They’ll transform you like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly.

More AM Than FM (DC)

Maryland Rock trio More AM Than FM fuse punk rock and the blues. They will be warming up the crowd as a 2-piece for Breakin’ Even Fest. So don’t miss their stripped down performance.

Dot Dash (DC)

DC’s Dot Dash have produced 5 albums in 5 years. This trio’s combination of adroitly poppy melodies with an often visceral instrumental attack (drawing comparisons to The Jam, The Replacements, and Big Star along the way) remains undiminished; their latest album Searchlights offers more musical dynamics than they’ve previously displayed.

Boardroom Heroes (DC)

Started by 2 brothers bound by a shared love for skateboarding and 90s punk rock, Andre and Augusto Pagliarini formed Boardroom Heroes in 2011. This 4-piece from DC does not hold back.

Check out their latest EP, Past Lives when you get a chance. Fast, melodic, skate punk.

Flowerbomb (VA)

Beautiful song writing, unafraid of addressing the issues of mental health and self-doubt. Virginia’s, Flowerbomb will be releasing their first recording right before Breakin’ Even Fest and we could not be more excited.

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