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FRIDAY MAY 26, 2019
Kali Masi | Homosuperior | Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb | American Television

Worlds Scariest Police Chases | Great Wight | Trash Boy | Night Surf | Subtastics

SUNDAY MAY 28, 2019
Worriers | Dollar Signs | DoubleMotorcycle | Fail Sons 

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American Television

American Television has been a staple of the DC music scene for half a decade. In 2018 they took their caffeine habit into their own hands (with the help of Weird Bros Coffee) releasing a custom coffee blend that paired with their most recent music release, Death Defier. The band brings their own brand of the nostalgic 90s punk rock with melodic gritty vocals. You’d expect more facial hair than these guys actually sport.

Dollar Signs

Dollar Signs was an accident – a project that came from the unlikely collaboration of five anxious weirdos. This mecha-robot of sadness is ready to turn your living room into a dirty nightclub. To the untrained eye, Dollar Signs looks less like a band and more like five people who can help you fix your computer – but fret not – as they pack big guitars and even bigger hooks in their toolbox. Erik Button sings desperately for a break in this weary world, like a younger and drunker Tom Waits from the suburbs, whose intensity can only be matched and at times doubled by his faithful bass player and partner in crime, Dylan Wachman. The melodies are made possible by drummer Arion Chamberlain, boldly bashing his way through these desperate times. The band is rounded out with their master craftsman, Luke Gunn, known for playing every instrument known to humanity, even those that haven’t been discovered yet – and finally we can’t forget our hype monster on guitar, Tommy McPhail. Punk rock is not for the faint of heart, we know this, but what if we don’t care? Dollar Signs is the millennial-operated gig economy’s response to the forty hour work week; a hard-pass to the American Dream. The plane will crash someday, and when it does, we will be chugging all of the mini-bottles we can find. Fuck you.

Double Motorcycle

Once labeled as the Pink Floyd of the mid-Maryland punk rock music scene, DoubleMotorcycle personifies the sound of best friends having the best times. Led forth by crunchy, melodic guitars, and aggressive groove-conscious drums, the duo has made making memories their calling card.

Fail Sons

Fail Sons is a new punk band from Washington, DC. They have an energetic sound inspired by vintage punk and power pop records, yet with a biting contemporary edge. Fail Sons put out their first demo in December 2018. Members of Sex Reasons, Misled Youth, Aloners, and The Harrison Four.

Proper. (formerly Great Wight)

Tales of “growing up a queer, black, atheist in the punk scene in the bible belt.” You might not be any of those things, but the New York-based band’s emotional honesty, strong and vulnerable confrontations of casual racism, homophobia, and alienation in a way that’s accessible to all types of audiences. (AfroPunk)


After hosting drag nights across the District for years, Donna Slash wanted to start something loud — something “fast, angry and desperate-sounding” that would give the singer an opportunity to dress as bombastically as Divine, or Wendy O. Williams, or Miss Guy of the Toilet Boys — “cult figures of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s that I had pictures of that I had to hide from my parents growing up,” says Slash (who goes by Josh Vogelsong during the daylight hours). “I loved Marilyn Manson back then, too. So all of that scary, nightmarish stuff — but with sparkles.”
So Slash acquired some dazzling new attire and formed ­Homosuperior, a self-described “queercore” punk group that currently features drummer Kit Wagner, bassist K.C. Oden and a new guitarist, Farrah Skeiky (a noted punk photographer who occasionally takes pictures for The Washington Post)
– Chris Richards, (Washington Post)

Kali Masi

Kali Masi is an angular punk rock band from the Midwest. They’ve been heavily touring and self-promoting for the last 6 years; steadily evolving the heavy, emotive, and urgent sound found on their 2017 LP ‘WIND INSTRUMENT’ (Take This To Heart Records).

Night Surf

Born from the remnants of  Brooklyn’s Habits in 2018, Night Surf takes a straight-forward, driving and hook splattered approach to the darker side of pop-punk.
Night  Surf debuted with a digital EP, Blasted in 2017, produced and recorded  by Jesse Cannon (The Menzingers, Man Overboard) at Cannon Found  Soundation in Union City, NJ. In their short tenure, the band has provided local support to touring acts like The Penske File, Typesetter, and Nightmares for a Week. Now they’re back with a follow up EP, also with Jesse Cannon, which picks  up right where the last EP left off. “Enemies” is out on all digital  platforms via SoCal based Wiretap Records (Odd Robot, Audio Karate).

Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb

Formed somewhere between the Black Cat and Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington, DC, (Stop Worrying and) Love the Bomb was born out of breakups. Sal Go’s (guitar/vox)and Mike’s (guitar/vox) old bands (who cares) used to play shows together, so when the two met by chance at a Jay Reatard show in 2008, they talked bands, their respective failed relationships (Sal’s band/Mike’s girlfriend), and the new-found abundance of free time on their hands.
On the walk to get chili dogs after the show, they decided to form a band in the vein of The Reatards, Teengenerate, New Bomb Turks, blah blah blah. Sometimes the results have been in that ballpark, other times the sound is a little different, but it’s the same basic idea; short, fast, meat-and-potatoes punk.


Subtastics are a power-punk band based out of Baltimore, Maryland.  They recently released their second EP, “BetaMales,” on Snubbed Records in late 2017. With reviews like “You guys sound like Hüsker Dü but poppier I’m sorry I’m drunk” and “Very Face to Face and I mean that as a very good thing,” how could you go wrong?  Veterans of the Baltimore scene for over 20 years, Subtastics write catchy, post-punk/pop-punk/power-punk songs about crappy movies, failed relationships, and being old.

Trash Boy

Their accessible Punk sound adds elements of Indie-Pop, creating a unique sound that will have you head over heels for the infectious band. They’re also trashy as hell.

Worlds Scariest Police Chases

Worlds Scariest Police Chases writes riff-heavy, melody-driven punk with the aggressive tactics of a fully unchecked police force. Their dynamic sound sets the stage for lyrics loaded with unapologetic commentary, biting snark and several well-placed puns.
The infamous party cops from Pittsburgh have been together since 2010, with the self-released full-length UNFUCKWITHABLE (2012). Soon after, the band joined Pittsburgh label A-F Records for two more releases: “NOFX…And Out Come The Wolves Dookie” (2013) and EP “Adolf Hipster” (2015).
Their new release “ABLUM 3” with Say-10 Records, inviting both old and new fans to the table with their now signature kitsch while exploring newer, and often darker, topics. Worlds Scariest Police Chases continues to shock the doe-eyed and elate those hungry for something with more grit in their punk rock.
– Krista Gjestland


Worriers are a melodic punk band from Brooklyn, New York. The band’s music is centered around the songwriting of Lauren Denitzio, with the help of friends Mikey Erg, Lou Hanman, John McLean and Nick Psillas, among others. They released their second LP “Survival Pop” with SideOneDummy Records in 2017 and have previously released records with Don Giovanni, No Idea and Yo-Yo Records. Worriers has toured with Against Me!, John K Samson & The Winter Wheat, Anti Flag, Julien Baker, The Wonder Years, Camp Cope, and more. Described as “a masterfully crafted punk record” by the Village Voice, Worriers’ first full-length “Imaginary Life” was produced by Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and was released on Don Giovanni Records in 2015.